Yesterday, February 9, New Bedford City Council candidate Shawn Oliver met with Executive Board members of the New Bedford Police Union. Mr. Oliver’s presence at the meeting was a result of his reaching out and expressing interest in doing so.
During the meeting, Mr. Oliver introduced himself, and spoke about his background as well as his connection to the city. When speaking with the group, Mr. Oliver acknowledged the issues of decreased staffing, hiring and retention which the New Bedford Police Union has been sharing with the public.
Mr. Oliver was not present to declare that he would be able to solve these problems. Instead, he showed that he was there to acknowledge the issues affecting the union membership, and to have open discussion about those issues. Through the conversation, as well as the initiative he showed in requesting to meet with the union, Mr. Oliver demonstrated that open communication was important to him and that sentiment was shared by those present at the meeting. Mr. Oliver also spoke about his connection to New Bedford and his desire for the city to be a great place to live.
That message has been consistent and well-documented through local journalists and publications.
In a The Standard Times article from January 25th, Frank Mulligan wrote the following about Mr. Oliver,
   “Oliver said he’s running to provide the kind of lifestyle for his family and residents that made New Bedford a great place to grow up.”  
When covering the candidates for The New Bedford Light, well-known journalist Jack Spillane offered a more detailed look at each of the Ward 3 candidates in advance of the preliminary election on January 24. In that article, Mr. Spillane quoted Mr. Oliver when he said,
   “We’re all trying to fight for the same goal, to live well in a city and a place that we enjoy.”  
Shawn Oliver’s message is clear, and in taking time to share that message with our members he displayed the initiative we believe would be a good fit for the New Bedford City Council. Because of that the New Bedford Police Union is publicly endorsing Mr. Shawn Oliver and we wish him well in the upcoming Ward 3 election on February 28th.
Check out the article by Frank Mulligan here:
Click on this link for the article written by Jack Spillane:

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