Contact Information Regarding Ongoing Reduced Staffing Levels

Contact Information Regarding Ongoing Reduced Staffing Levels

As previously mentioned, the purpose of the New Bedford Police Union providing information regarding decreased staffing levels is to make the public aware of the potential for a decrease in the level of service promised by city officials. The information is not being released in real-time out of caution for the safety of community as well as the officers on patrol.

It should be noted that since the practice of operating with decreased staffing levels, on more than one occasion there have been multiple front-line cruisers grounded on the same shift. Front-line cruisers and officer assignments are dedicated to patrolling and responding to designated areas within the city.

The New Bedford Police Union recognizes that the citizens of New Bedford may have questions if their neighborhoods are among those affected by decreased patrol coverage and what the reason is for the lack of assigned officers to their neighborhoods.

Questions regarding ongoing decreased staffing, which area assignments are left vacant, and the reason for the decrease in police services should be directed to any of the following city officials:

Office of the Chief of Police – 508-991-6300

Office of the Mayor – 508-979-1410

Office of the City Council – 508-979-1455

Additional contact information for New Bedford City Councilors and the neighborhoods they represent can be found at the City of New Bedford website:

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